Emergency Medicine

Goals and Learning Objectives   Develop a systematic approach for assessing and creating pharmacotherapeutic management plans/strategies¬†for trauma patients Improve my confidence and competency with assessing and resuscitating patients early in shock, with a focus on identifying type of shock and early management of shock Assess, manage, and monitor patients in the early stages of status … Continue reading Emergency Medicine


Advanced Internal Medicine

Goals and Objectives: Improve my knowledge of the management and pharmacotherapeutics of COPD, CKD, and thyroid disorders. Practice and use physical exam to guide therapeutic decision making on at least 2 patients. Identify at least 2 interventions or steps a critical care pharmacist can take to ensure a smooth transition of care to a non-critical … Continue reading Advanced Internal Medicine

Intensive Care Unit – Surrey Memorial Hospital

Goals and learning objectives: Demonstrate the ability to effectively manage a full patient census of critically-ill patients Build my library of critical care literature and be able to articulate the key points from landmark articles in a few concise sentences This rotation would like to focus on literature regarding ARDS and septic shock (fluids, antibiotics, … Continue reading Intensive Care Unit – Surrey Memorial Hospital

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)

Prior to this rotation I had identified cardiology as a practice area of interest, and my experience over the past month definitely reiterated why that was the case. I immensely enjoy the pathophysiological aspect of cardiology and how medication management relates back to that. I think its because the heart is a mechanical pump and … Continue reading Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

This was definitely one of my all-time favourite clinical rotations. I was very apprehensive prior to beginning the rotation, as I had no previous experience with pediatrics and I had heard that PICU was a challenging practice. I discovered that it was actually very similar to other ICUs, with some nuances of course. I found … Continue reading Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Solid Organ Transplant (Liver)

Overall this was a fantastic rotation! I had never before been exposed to liver transplant patients and had limited experience with immune suppressant medications like antimetabolites and calcineurin inhibitors. I was able to become proficient with the management of these medications. Other topics with which I now have a deeper understanding include CMV, hepatitis B/C, … Continue reading Solid Organ Transplant (Liver)

Medication Use Evaluation/ Medication Safety

Another high quality rotation completed! This was an interesting one, as I took on patient care activities in the small (10 bed) ICU/HAU at Richmond Hospital as well as various Medication Use Evaluation (MUE) and Medication Safety projects and activities. Learning to balance my time was essential and it gave me a good flavour of … Continue reading Medication Use Evaluation/ Medication Safety